4 Clever Approaches to Office Storage

Monday, March 27, 2017

A good office is a balance of space and function – it must offer enough space for people to move while it must also house all the necessities for people to do their business well. Designing the modern workplace is a unique challenge. While uniform furniture and dull interiors are common themes in decades past, they just do not work anymore. Here, we will discuss a very specific aspect of office design: storage space.

When purchasing office furniture, redesigning an office or when building one from the ground up, think about these special considerations for a smarter space.

Be Cord Smart

The modern office runs on technology. Computers, routers, servers and many items of office equipment will run on wired electricity. To keep it clean, consider the power cords when purchasing the furniture or designing workspaces. Make sure that office furniture, the desks, in particular, have enough provision for cord organisation. This is important considering they can be trip hazards for people.

Function and Style

Rethink ideas about filing cabinets and storage bins. Instead of industrial options fashioned from black metal, opt for something more colourful and fun. Making the office funky, with colours and all the pizzazz is definitely a trend worth considering. Keep your storage solutions in line with your aesthetic.

Digital Alternatives

Operations now have more options beyond the traditional paper files and folders. Consider using cloud storage and applications to their full potential. They are not only cheaper and space-saving, online files are also easier to retrieve when you need them.

Design for People

An office might look pretty when it is empty but it will not be the same when it’s filled with people. Always include employees in the design process. Give them enough space to move and be sure to identify potential problem areas. When it comes to storage, keep solutions as accessible as possible while keeping them out of the way.

Here at Formline Group, we’re not just about making your spaces look smart. We’re about practicality & smooth workflow. Check out our storage options here http://www.formlinegroup.com.au/storage-joinery

4 Office Design Trends That Are Bound to Last

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spending time in the office should not leave employees pining for the weekend. The workspace must be everyone’s second home: comfortable and conducive to work. Working roles and the definition of “working” are ever-evolving concepts. Office design trends also come and go as they attempt to keep up. Here are some modern office design ideas so good we think they will last a few office renovations.

A Workplace that is Your Company

Gone are the days when generic furniture was good enough. Now, even the walls must reflect your brand values. Logos on the wall are one way to integrate branding into a space. Integrating the brand’s colours and visual themes into physical objects can also bolster the corporate theme. A branded space will not just make your office unique but will draw employees closer to your brand.

Less Workstation, More Workplaces

With collaboration on the rise, personal workstations are shrinking. Now, a single computer and the space it occupies could be all that an employee needs. The space saved is being transformed into a hybrid of the cubicle and the meeting room: a workplace. Workplaces are venues for collaboration and not for individual work. Shared furnishings such as bigger tables and benches can occupy this space. 

Modular Systems

Smart furniture is now the way to go. With the complex needs of a modern office, modular tables, storage and seating systems can adapt to changing needs. Not only does smart furniture save space, but it also makes it cheaper than ever to equip an office. Our office furniture, available to all in Australia, includes many of these clever features.

Integrating a Lifestyle

Many companies are not even attempting to implement work–life balance measures. Instead, they blur the lines to make work a much more personal and immersive experience. With in-office yoga classes, comfortable lounge areas, and pantries complete with large dining tables, the office now provides spaces where people can truly relax. The modern workplace allows people to be who they are — with a stronger & more creative work ethic.

These modern trends are all about efficiency and redefining what work in the digital era means. With more powerful tools and smarter design, the offices of today are undergoing constant reinvention. With every project we work on here at the Formline Group, we couple our expertise with our understanding of the next big trend in office design. 

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Thursday, April 09, 2015
Formline Group are proud to have been the chosen supplier of furniture to the Tamworth Regional Council Youth Centre. Supplying a range of chairs, workstations and specialised furniture systems to the project. Formline Group would like to congratulate ‘The Youthie’ on their new centre.